For emergencies Dial 911

Phone: (276) 646-3232

Council Rules and Regulations

Mayor: Gary L. Heninger
Council: Bill Clear

Shannon Donnelly
Brent Foster
Bob Jeter
Julie Sturgill

P.J. Wolfe


Town of CHILHOWIE Chilhowie

Town Manager: John E.B. Clark, Jr.
325 East Lee Highway
P.O. Box 5012

Chilhowie, Virginia 24319
Phone (276) 646-3232
Fax (276) 646-3012

Clerk-Treasurer: Marlene L. Henderson
Police Chief: Andrew Moss
Director – Public Works: Jay Keen
Fire Chief – C. David Haynes

Council meeting Rules and Regulations


All persons entering Council Chambers shall sign in and state whether they wish to speak and the topic.

Citizen Time

Citizens must speak at the podium.

State name and address.

Direct comments only to Town Council.

Limit speaking time to a maximum of three minutes.

The speaker must be signed in and speak on topic.

Speak only once during a specific hearing or comment period.

Citizen time is for citizen input, not question and answer session.

Citizen time may be reopened later in meeting if needed.

Interruptions will not be tolerated in order to provide smooth operation of the Council in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

The first interruption will be given a warning.

Second interruption will result in removal from meeting.

Please silence cell phones, show respect for all speakers, and allow all opinions to be expressed in a tolerant atmosphere.