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Brush Pick Up Policy

Town of Chilhowie Brush Pickup Policy** Effective September 1, 2015

The Town is pleased to offer brush pickup and/or chipping for citizens within the corporate limits of Chilhowie. The regulations below have been placed on this service to ensure efficiency in cost and labor.

  • The pickup schedule will be the week of the third Monday of each month and commence on the following Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Fridays of that week will be used as a “spill over” day if needed.
  • A maximum of one load per household per month will be picked in a volume of not greater than a small dump truck can hold reasonably compacted.
  • The Town will only pick up brush eight (8) feet or less in length and four (4) inches in diameter or less.
  • No trees, stumps or lumber will be picked up.
  • No brush will be picked up by the Town in which an individual(s) or contractor has been hired to perform the work. If so it is the citizens’ or contractors responsibility to take off the brush.
  • No brush will be picked up which has been brought into the corporate limits from outside.
  • Brush must be placed adjacent to the street with all branches stacked in the same direction. It must not impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic. It cannot be placed on water meters, sewer manholes or cleanouts, fire hydrants, or guy wires.

Persons wanting their brush picked up should call the Town Hall before the week of the third Mondays, if possible, at 646-3232. The Town will make every effort in picking up the brush the week of the third Mondays but emergencies and inclement weather may impact that schedule.

** Approved by Town Council at its August 13, 2015 Meeting